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You are my sun and moon

What happens to her when she is asked to marry a person who doesn't even know her name? No one forced her but, she was left without a choice! " What the hell is happening here? Who are you? What were you doing at the traffic signal in the morning? Are you really, her? Whom I married?! I feel like I married someone and now seeing another one!" "Oh! God, seriously? Even after watching everything in the morning you still don't know my name?! Wow! It's so great of you, Yuvi! _________________________________ "No! Don't touch me you bastard" she yelled and moved back. "Come on, sweetheart! You know how much I want you. I will give you the best time of your life" He said moving towards her. "Dare to come near me! I kill you!" she yelled still moving backward. "Kill me, sweetheart! But let's die together" He didn't stop moving. What's gonna happen? Will she kill him? or kill herself? __________________________________ " Love you, darling! Don't make me wait, more! " He pecked her nose. He tightened his grip around her and brought her more into him, he bent down to her lips, she clutched his ironed shirt very tightly, she shut her eyes tightly, their lips almost touched. She pushed him from her. And now she was burning with anger not only at him but also at her, she didn't know how she lost her mind. She felt ashamed of herself. "Don't you ever dare to come near me! How dare you!" She yelled a whisper as there is a probability of being caught by others. "See, sorry! For what happened just now, but ever? Do you even remember we're gonna get married?" He questioned her. As it was his fault he was silent but still, she could have stopped him in the beginning even but, she didn't! Because she was also into it. "In your dreams, Sid! Do you think I'll marry you? If you believe so, don't build hopes! It will never ever happen and I'll never let it happen" Yuvi didn't know who he married! Sid didn't how he gonna get married! Go ahead read to know what happens! ______________________________________ To interact with the author and fellow readers you can join my discord server: https://discord.gg/yRgWhwH22y Please do adjust with the first 5 chapters, they will be dry. But I assure you it will be interesting after. The story is full of romance and mystery. It will be an emotional roller coaster with many humor, adventures, etc. PS: The picture on the cover is not mine, the entire credits go to the artists who have done it.

lekharams · Contemporary Romance

The Detective and The Mafia

"Are you sure you don't need my help?" I asked him one last time before I decided to leave. Once again he ignored me. Ok, I guess I'll take my leave then. I was about to stand up to leave but suddenly he draped his arm around my neck. He pulled my neck lower to his face and captured my lips. I struggled in his grip as he locked my lips with his so I couldn't free myself. Still trying to push him away as I heard some footsteps behind us. The person who approached us beamed his flashlight at me. That almost caused me to go blind. "Have you guys seen a wounded man around here?" That person asked me and another man followed him from behind. "So this is the bastard that they are looking for." I thought as I glared at the man who is still kissing me. His back was facing them so they couldn't see his face. I was about to speak up to lie for him but he pulled my face closer. I felt his tongue inside my mouth and he even had the nerve to bite my lower lip.

Hana97100 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

For the Betterment of the World

A freshly graduated student in the private investigation department, Alastair, going to the real-world to make it a better place for human beings. Whenever there is a crime that either CBI or police department failed to solve, Alastair solved all of them with ease. But he is unable to crack his own parent's death mystery. It's been years when they died, which looked like no less than an accident. Just because he is in a detective profession, Alastair is not like a cold-blooded person. Will he able to succeed in bringing new changes to this current world..? Will he be able to catch his parents murderer..?

deepu_ · Realistic Fiction

Mystery: Case Closed

Colby often dreamed of a murder scene. He could clearly see how the man had been killed but couldn't identify the face of the killer and the victim. He had always dreamed of it since he was young even until he was grown up. It seems real to him but for him it's too impossible because it was just a dream. But what if it is real? He needs an answer behind the mysterious dreams. He will then meet Heidi, a dream interpreter. They will teamed up to find the meaning of it. But what if solving this mystery will lead them to solve a crime?

KidWanderer · Martial Arts


Elena is gradually getting set for high school graduation, highly determined to become what her parents wanted her to be. All is going well, until she fell victim to a lightning strike the night of her school prom. Elena finds herself in the hospital the next morning only to find out she was a victim to not just one but two lightning strikes. Now Elena battles between remembering lost 8years of her life and escaping the sinister intentions of her high school lover, who remained evergreen in her memory. ....would Elena be able to escape from the trouble she put herself in in by reuniting with her high school lover, or would she finally remember forgotten memories.....STRUCK TWICE. WORD COUNT: more than 50,0000 words

Aziliwe01 · Contemporary Romance


Against his will Pierce was compelled to fulfil his father's wish: being a detective. With the increase of crime incidents, Pierce's mission to fulfil the wish became almost impossible. Will he ever be able to thaw out of his wish and live the life he wanted?

raven_lensherr · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

love the real me

This story is a journey of female lead who discover her identity while facing many problems & challenges in her life. so pack your bags with her and get on with her to this interesting journey..... stay tuned to uncover many secrets....~~~

suneul · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings