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The Empress of the National Film is Sweet as Honey

Young Master Ye, what happened that year was an accident! I didn't want to do that! " "So, you don't want to be responsible for this?" The handsome, quiet, elegant and magnificent man narrowed his eyes dangerously. There were two small rolls next to him. One on the left and one on the right. They both looked at her anxiously ... During her coming-of-age ceremony, her older sister scum set her up and she ended up giving birth to two dead babies from an unknown father. Four years later, she came back to take revenge! And humble idiots who tried to oppress her, were destroyed one by one and those who did not believe her received a slap in the face. Those who owed it, don't even think about running away! There is no place where you will be safe from me! A sweet and gentle girl has turned into a beautiful demon, it is the monsters in the villains' nightmares. For she has become the greatest and most powerful of them all. Unbeknownst to her, she became the notorious phantom doctor, the God of Painters who was revered by tens of thousands, and even became the Empress of the world-famous film. Once careless, she was caught by Ye Lixiao, the relentless and cold-blooded patriarch of the Ye Family that everyone feared. Everyone also said that Ye Lixiao was a person with a clean heart, did not have much desire and did not like to approach the opposite sex. Xing Luo: F ***! If she knew who it was that simply spread this kind of deceitful propaganda, she would definitely kill that bastard! She just didn't know that the rumor was true, who she mused was Ye Lixiao, as he turned on the murderous way of winning a wife.

shai_oliveira · Contemporary Romance