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Journey Of The Bright Immortal

Journey Of The Bright Immortal

Cultivation ruled everything in this world. Humans and other species could sense the Qi of Heaven and Earth and break the barriers of mortality. They molded their mortal bodies through cultivation, gaining immense power and vitality. All to reach the realm of immortals. Billions strived from an early age to reach the Heavens and yet only a small part could cultivate. Cultivators, true gods among men and symbols of power and prestige, often treated common mortals as livestock or servants. As time passed and society adapted, a group of supreme beings enforced honor and justice. Cultivators no longer trampled mortals with ease, but they didn't always respect the rules. Absolute strength tore rules apart without effort, and clans and sects stood at the peak of power. With many worlds, countless territories, and beings, humans were often mistaken as the weakest species. Traveling between worlds was difficult, but the realms contained mysterious ways and arts. Ming Ren was born in the Bright Clan but deemed an untalented cultivator. However, his curiosity was unsurpassed under the heavens! Determined to uncover the path to the True Heavenly Dao and armed with an indomitable spirit and powerful companions, will he be able to surpass the gods and protect everything he cares about? Releases: released by book, no set schedule. Book I - The Vagrant Woods, currently available. All main story chapters will always be available here. If you like the story, support the novel with the e-book: Https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082DZJ8L8

SmilingBlueWolf · Eastern Fantasy
The love she always needs

The love she always needs

This is an awful collection of stories of girls across India in form of poems, stories to let you know the love a girl always needs

Srujana024 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings