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To Save Our Families, Let's 'Marry' (BL)

To Save Our Families, Let's 'Marry' (BL)

“They tried to kill your sister, thrice.” “As well as your company, and sister-in-law with it.” They were both more than aware that the merger had become a matter of life and death, that it had been that way from the moment the Q Group suspected anything, that it had reached a terrifyingly dangerous level. More terrifying than the prospects of being engaged to a man. The two could only grimace and mutter in unison. “We have to get married.” ~} {~¦~} {~¦~} {~¦~} {~¦~} {~¦~} {~¦~} {~ Joshua Lore is the 23 year old second son of the second most successful company in Country A. Henry Reyes is the 22 year old second son of the third most successful company in Country A. Both very rich. Both very pretty. Most importantly, both extremely straight. Yet due to a misconception on their parents' part and a company merger combined with some questionable photography with their androgynous looks, they find themselves in a marriage meeting, with each other. Of course they are going to reject this, or so they thought...

Aeriya0411 · LGBT+
Bitten by love

Bitten by love

Great! I'm a vampire! I got turned into a vampire on my 18th birthday! The day I got my powers! I told mom that a ball was a bad idea!Now I have to figure who turned me and why?

Gemini_Paradox · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings