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Living Spark Cultivation

Living Spark Cultivation

Young Jade finds himself wounded and stranded, alone in a dangerous forest. Alone and unable to move he is suddenly struck by lightning. in a desperate bid to save himself he attempts to absorb the energy. When he awakens a strange voice is speaking to him - " I Am You, and You Are Me!" How will this unusual tale unfold? Follow the quest of Young Jade who seeks to revitalize his clan as the last remaining member, and his unusual partner, Spark -- a living elemental who somehow has become attached to his soul, permanently. This story features: -Action (The primary focus is action, story exists, but it drives encounters) -Martial Arts (Not watered down stuff, but rather theoretical martial styles based on the world, as the MC eventually begins to piece together a style specific to him.) -In Depth Spirit Item crafting/ enchantment. -Gods Vs Demons - Humans Vs Monsters - A Weak Character who quickly grows strong by utilizing the tools at his disposal, allowing him to begin to bring his destroyed clan back from the brink of extinction.

PeerlessWeeb · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings
Life or Death: 
The Essentials

Life or Death: The Essentials

Trevan Sidhe opened his eyes and looked around for the first time since he had chosen to undertake the deep sleep. “What has woken me from my slumber?” He lifted himself into a seated position while gazing around the room. Although it was dark, Trevan could see everything as clear as day. He’d been living in the darkness for countless Megaannum. He’d seen the rise and fall of countless sentient beings and the civilizations that were created by those individuals. Over the course of time it’s passing had begun to weigh on his mental and emotional well being until it seemed as if nothing could peek his interest. Until now. “What woke me up? I chose the deep sleep so I could be done with this realm.”

Taylor_Cotton · Fantasy
Not enough ratings