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Transmigrated as a Peasant Baby Who is Pampered by All

Jiang Xiaomi transmigrated as a baby into another world and found herself in a small valley. Here, her parents and all her older siblings adore her. Even her younger brother was very obedient. Although they were somewhat poor, and life was difficult, Xiaomi wasn't afraid. She had a pocket dimension that gave her everything she wanted in the world! Her space was full of spiritual energy, so she grew spiritual plants and spiritual herbs and also raised spiritual beasts there. Every day, she bathed in a spiritual fountain. Besides that, the spiritual energy in the air that leaked out helped the entire Fuan Village by ensuring the crops were large and fresh! For these very reasons, Jiang Xiaomi became the lucky star in Fuan Village. She later used her clairvoyance ability to create ammunition and large ships. Then, someone wanted her to stay in the capital city and become a government official's wife. Jiang Xiaomi waved her hand. This world is vast. I still want to see what's out there!

Kongzhu Shengsheng · Romance
Not enough ratings

Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

The Fus in Liushan Village had baby boys for several generations. They were very poor and had nothing but baby boys. Finally, a baby girl was born. Grandma Fu was so happy that she fully recovered from her illness as soon as the baby girl was born. Whenever the girl went out, she would receive many gifts. Birds in the sky, fish in the water, and animals on land all gathered around her. At first, she thought finding gold was impressive enough. To her surprise, she even found herself a husband on the way. He was someone with a rather powerful background. Ever since she was born, the Fus lived lives that were smooth sailing. Their business prospered, and they could finally build a house of their own. Everyone in the family adored and pampered her beyond all reason.

Dance Freely · Romance
Not enough ratings