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WebNovel Cover Template

This is just a novel for the sake of generating a generic cover template to use as a guideline. I noticed that WebNovel (web) zooms-in the cover of stories you hover over in your library. This can have the somewhat annoying side-effect of cutting off some of the text that might be on the cover. The stories profile page also adds a blue tag button which can also cover up some of the cover. (Click Read More for links) So this guideline was designed to work around this so you can tell beforehand if what you're making will be obscured in anyway. Rules: Red = This section will be completely hidden by the zoom-in effect if the cover is hovered over by a mouse while in your Library. Green = This is the border of what all will be visible during zoom-in. Everything from the green-line and above will be present (including the green). Yellow = This will be obscured by the novel tag when viewed from the web browser on the stories profile page. For example if you're viewing this page on the web you likely can't see yellow box as its hidden by the blue "Original" tag WebNovel adds. Grey = Everything here will be present in zoom-in and the most visible. As a sidenote I've found that text can become unreadable in the library if the font is lesser than Uppercase Arial x35. This may differ depending on what font you use or even perhaps monitor setup or your own eyesight. Image link: https://imgur.com/piUxphC Direct Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/piUxphC.jpg

SinsterDarkly ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings