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Take This Waltz - Countryhumans

Take This Waltz - Countryhumans

Some things have always been hard to imagine. Like the words, "never again," for example. Certain things are hard to imagine yourself without. Certain people are hard to imagine yourself without. The year is 1879... The cobblestone streets see the bustle of carriages and the clop of horse hooves. The Beethoven music drifts through the air out of the concert halls. Everyday life seems to be just fine for the young German Empire, who's got a good heart, but he's kind of an asshole. Just 8 years ago marked the date when his father Prussia allowed him to rule some of his land. He knew he was blessed that his relationship with his father did not entail wars or revolutions like many of the other countryhumans he had heard of, but his fathers minimalist relationship with him made him feel an uncomfortable emptiness within him. And with the whole deal of his country-ness, many people felt as if they couldn't approach him. The business with his Kaisers and officials were strictly professional, so the German Empire found himself seeking company. One day in the beautiful city of Vienna he found himself at a palace banquet. As the orchestra begins to play a slow waltz he makes a choice that will change everything. But the future is often uncertain, and unfortunately Europe has trouble keeping the peace for long. Somehow it only took a single Serbian Nationalist to ruin everything. A single regular human to let all hell loose. To start... WWI

Aava_Schu · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings