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Elena and fatima

Elena is young CATSA (Canadian air transport security authority) preboarding screening officer who met met Fatima on a dating site and the learn they have similar background both ethnic and trauma wise. Elena is a Chechen Romania Canadian and Fatima was give western name Annie was a Saudi Canadian. When the learn of each others past and that the have similar interests and goals they fall madly in love with on another. And would meet at night in an airport hotel two express there love for one another. But will Elena's or Fatima's issues but a wedge between them or strengthen their love for one another. This is a love story of two broken souls and misfits who fall in with each either....and who's bond became stronger. This is rated 18+ plus because of its steamy love scenes, and deals with PTSD, and mental disorders, and addiction.

Elenar_Melanson ยท LGBT+
Not enough ratings