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The Hound of The Empire

What happens when the Type-Moon Cu Chulainn or more known as the Hound of Culann wins a holy grail war and wishes to live once more after being the servant of a unimportant master? He becomes a human, forgot to take that E Luck in to factor eh? Too bad, that E Luck gets taken into his new life as well and he once more died young but this time he immediately woke up with all his past memories in an unknown world? "Haaaa? Teigu? Empire? Revolutionary Army? Also why is Gay Bulge with me? Gah...ONORE ZELRETCH!"

xXPlagueXx · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Many To Go

Determined to kill as many government officials as possible, 1st year university student, 19-year old Kazimir Cizetto, joins the Claiza City Special Forces Department for his late sister's sake. However, two things stand in his way. A girl who was recently abandoned by her parents due to a murder-suicide and his new work partner, heavily corrupted Pierre Richano. ----- cover design by me

toxsichi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings