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Fallen Goddess

Fallen Goddess

Down here, I am a beggar, a whore, a wench! Up there, I sat with other High Deities on a throne of crystals and worship. How did I fall from my place in the Heavens? What did I do to be tossed out of the golden gates? Nothing, my 'colleagues' needed someone to visit Earth and I was the only goddess who understood Earth and its inhabitants. Or was it the time I defended my Demon lover? I was the High Goddess of Love, Seduction, Lust and Marriage. The strongest forces of the Universe were in my hands. My mission on Earth is to help pesky mortals find the one at the end of red strings. They're too lazy to find love on their own. Also, I needed to find my love. My first task from the gods? Finding an Empress for a human Emperor. I swear to the Heavens, I will destroy Earth before the stupid Emperor finds a lover. Down here, I have no status. Up there, I was the highest!

ValKree · Fantasy Romance
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