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Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband

Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband

Song Xiulan's parents doted on her so much that they would even find the best bachelor out there to be her husband. They were eyeing Xing Hongqi, a very respectable man and the most powerful in S and T city. But he is also a notorious player and womanizer. Xiulan's parents believed that their impeccable daughter can change a man like Hongqi. Xiulan was willing to follow whatever her parents planned for her. But marrying a womanizer seemed too extreme. Now that she met the man and people around her seem to worship him and talk about his dirty laundries like it was fine. Xiulan is now conflicted about whether she should obey her parents or this time follow her common sense that marrying a womanizer is not fine! But she suddenly finds out a secret that hinders her from not marrying him. Note: The image is not mine. Original image from Pinterest.

redroui · Romance
A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)

A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)

CeCe was clever, beautiful and free minded girl but she wasn't able to score good and used to agitate her teachers a lot, she also many times became target of male teachers. When she got kicked out of school for the 7th time, her mum had no choice but to leave her school problems in CeCe's dad hands. CeCe thought it was going to be okay as she can get enrolled herself in another school, but then she finds out that her dad is a headmaster of boy's school and her father wants her to get enrolled in that school! She thought this won't be a good idea. What if she creates a mess again and her dad gets forced to expel her from the school? What if she isn't able to adjust there? What if she doesn't score well there too? But she has no choice...but to study there until she scores high grades. If she accomplishes to score high grades then her father will listen to her and will enroll her in school of her choice! But with boys everywhere, will she be able to concentrate and score good marks? Will she be able to erase her mischievous personality and become nerd? Specially when a certain somebody changes her completely in a way she never expected. **I don't own the cover, cover belongs to Inkstone Webnovel** Please enjoy and support me till the end! Hope all dear readers love my work. Thank you (〃^▽^〃) Uploading status: 2-3 chapters daily.

Olivia_12 · Teen
Return: Game of the Goddess

Return: Game of the Goddess

Syaoran is a famous wanted criminal who is a professional hacker that has been living under the shadow. And Huang Shi-yun is a daughter of the first wife of the president of Huang corporation living under one roof with her stepmother, her three older brother, an older sister and a naive little brother. But there is a big secret that no one has ever known or guessed of. These two different natured youths are the same girl?! Syaoran led her team to a 'game' that is actually a trap from her old enemy resulting her to an amnesia. Not knowing who her identity really is, Syaoran continued her 'game' with the help of her one-sided diary and day by day reclaiming her title as the 'Online Goddess' once again reappearing in the headlines. But little does she know, on the day she got into an accident, she caught the attention of a man that does things that are more dangerous than her already risky than her already risky occupation.

BaiLianQingYu · Realistic Fiction
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