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The Billionaire's Contract

The Billionaire's Contract

" I don't even know you, I don't even know if you're a drug dealer or terrorist or rapist or a criminal dressed up in a fancy suit" Dario raised an eyebrow amused by her words, he should be offended but no he's actually ok with her making guesses of who he is. " Dario Simpson " he offered "Knowing your name doesn't mean I'll get married to you" she chuckled then noticed he had a serious face, he wasn't joking he hadn't even let out a single smile since they started their conversation. " Oh my God, you're serious" He nodded and placed his hands in his pockets. He was shocked that she didn't even know him everyone in New York city and around the world knew him even  babies in their moms womb but this woman. " This is a joke" she muttered about to walk out " It's not a joke Diane, it's a contract marriage, I know you're in dire need of a job" She stopped and turned to him precipitately. She was stupefied, how did he know her name and how did he know she was in dire need of a job. " Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month" he added. She stared at him with unknown emotions, she was overwhelmed by his offer, she needed it but she wouldn't get married, she couldn't just see herself living with a man not just any man someone she'd call her husband. She had already crossed getting married out of her list. "Five hundred thousand dollars a month" he boosted it up. ______________________________________ Only the broken can heal a broken. Five years after the death of his fiancée Caitlin Smoak, Dario has been living a miserable life. His father the famous Billionaire Michael Simpson decides to interfere. He has a hundred days to find a bride that will be suitable for the Simpsons family or his position in the Simpsons enterprise would be given out to his younger brother, Theo. What happens when Diane Jones, a struggling single mother and Dario Simpson, the cold hearted Simpson heir crosses part, they will discover that only the broken can heal a broken.

GinaCosmas · Contemporary Romance