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Raging love

Raging love

I hope this is description and not something else well anyway iam the original Author of the book I just had to continue it on here instead of mangatoon because of how it review books and it didn’t work well it’s just taking to long for it to review thanks if you are a OG reader I’ll give you the short description but it’s also a bit of a new description clover and Rebecca are two different people that live in to separate kingdom that is in war it happened when the ice dragon had die and coincidence the fire dragon had became stronger the two kingdoms went to war and the lovers separated but what if you were to include Klover is half dragon and he has a son that he thought didn’t survive and thought he was still born and now he has to save the world before it becomes enslaved by bad magical creatures also I can’t upload pictures on here so to see what the prince looks like you will have to go on the mangatoon website or app https://sites.google.com/view/raginglove/home?authuser=0 the link should open up to my google site

Christianatal880 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings