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avatar: a true master

avatar: a true master

Avatar: a true master came to web novel! after avatar Korra's death by 17 years, the new avatar hasn't revealed himself yet. will he find the world in peace when he finally shows up or will there be problems? And how will he face those problems. let's find out together!! The moment a chapter is posted, it will never be rewritten, so don't worry if you ever read a chapter today, next month or next century, it's always the same because I only rewrite them before putting them out to public. But the moment they're out, it's over Ok now moving on to the legal stuff: All rights reserved: you can share the story on any social media platform but you need to credit me/put the story's link and you can never claim it as yours. -you can't use the pictures found in any chapter unless you ask me first -you can't use any oc in the series except for the ones I dont own: Jinora (and her siblings kai, miilo, ikki, rohan), raava, Korra's spirit. And all of the rest is mine -you cant use the same name of an oc and make it obvious that you stole it (for example you claim my names as yours and make another story similar to this one and just change names or do minimum effort) -you can't use any idea of any book or chapter at all -you cant use the script (of course) -you cant use the story's cover or name And that should be it June 27th of 2020: #1 on #raava on wattpad

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