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I can see the star

"We had a plan to be astronauts you know? See the stars, we even dreamt of touching one, I feel it's wrong to dream of the stars without her. Without her I am nothing.I can't anymore, Ajax" Daphne simmers hadn't seen the stars in years, the constellation she was taught and the blinking lights that appeared at night had gone. She was scared, scared to deal with the loss of everything she ever loved, cared for and wished to see. Daphne simmers was alone. Her stars all came back with the help of Ajax king who showed her that life was meant to be lived and not just to exist. To be loved and not something less.

Hadassahonyeobi · Teen
Not enough ratings

Stars love Now

Andromeda Borealis is a girl who has lost her parents and then she experienced discrimination with her aunt and it's family.But everything will change once her tito-dad helped her and suddenly found new friends she can count on. "There are billions of stars in galaxies but yours is my favorite."

inmmiinna · Teen
Not enough ratings

Asteria de Arcana (Tagalog)

BOOK 1: THE BEARERS OF BIG DIPPER Seven stars. Seven individual. One asterism. How will they save her brightness that has faded?

Shayara_xx · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings