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"Security! throw her out with all of her belongings. Bring me the divorce papers, I can't live with her for a single second. A cheap woman like her can't be Mrs. Kinsley!" In front of hundreds of elite guests, her husband humiliated her. A misunderstanding on his part ended their five-year-long marriage and him torturing his wife endlessly. Sometimes childhood friendship turns out to be fatal. After suffering from never-ending humiliations from all around her, they said that she went crazy and committed suicide. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ "So, this is the Kingsley mansion. I promise to destroy each and every single occupant of this villa." In the depth of the woman's eyes, there was a fury that could burn everything down, though she was not the woman whom the Kinsleys humiliated years ago. A day would come, when she will burn the whole Kinsley Empire. It is said- 'slow to anger, but when the line is crossed…hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!' She came from nowhere and made their lives hell. Was she here to avenge the death of someone from the past or was there another dark secret?

Sapphirechelsea237 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings