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Ancient Cultivation

Ancient Cultivation

Beastmen, humans, dragons; in ancient China these three races are dominant and constantly fight one another aiming to be the apex of cultivation. Alphonse, a man who was reincarnated as a beastman suffers through a childhood of hardships as he goes through the world of cultivation, aiming to never again be tortured or allow the ones close to him to get hurt. WARNING: This book is not all cupcakes and rainbows, if you don't like it, then don't read it and find something else for your fragile mind. (This is primarily a joke, but seriously, I have written some dark themes in this book, so don't read it if you don't like that idea.)

Iced_Phoenix · Eastern Fantasy
Elizabeth's Misfortune

Elizabeth's Misfortune

Growth obstructing cellular regeneration disorder. contrary to its name it is quite dangerous and can lead to death. Follow Elizabeth, a young girl with GOCRD who tries her best to stay with her morals.

Iced_Phoenix · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings