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Trafford's Trading Club

Trafford's Trading Club

Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance. It was a weird club that sold strange items, assisted by a servant girl with 300 years of work experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club, exchanging everything precious they owned just to fulfill their desires. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Each successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little. “Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 99 years.” Thus, Luo Qiu began his endless life as the club’s boss.

White Jade of Sunset Mountain · Magical Realism
Demon Contractor Unknowingly Becomes Less Of A Jerk

Demon Contractor Unknowingly Becomes Less Of A Jerk

In a small Island ruled my demons a king is born leading his people to a new world. He wields godly strength and magic, even so, he cannot bring himself to eradicate the people that live in the land his people need. Anyways that king is all kind and boring unlike me your sweet bloodthirsty mc. That and he's my bitch. That's right the demon capable of evaporating oceans in an instant loyally serves me, a small demon because of a small contract and my very special eyes. I'm sick of all his stalling so I guess I'll just go and kill all those pesky humans myself. I mean I have already killed quite a few demons and I did start a hate-fueled war to the death...what's that it's not to the death anymore? Off to the human land to go on another murder spree! I swear no old veteran will change my mind about anything and I certainly won't become a total sweetheart...maybe?

Trash_Senpai · Fantasy
Not enough ratings