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What would you do? (Ideas and concepts)

What would you do? (Ideas and concepts)

Thoughts and Idea's with regards to fanfictions, builds for characters, weapons and more. I'm not an author, my interests in a concept don't last long enough to write it and I am admittedly not the strongest in writing a decent dialog. I'm someone who is Hyper Aware of a lot of things, and one of them is if something severely lacks. Whilst I can do art Inspite of that, I just can't bring myself to write dialog that doesn't feel perfectly natural. That said, I do often write drafts for stories, sometimes I even manage a chapter worth of dialog that any author would be proud to own, but when it's about the baseline that I achieve for my dialogs, then I prefer not to publish. However, I do have ideas, so many ideas and thoughts on things that I feel the need to express them. Hopefully, they will be of help for authors, who are feeling stuck or unsure how to develop their story, or want to write one but are unsure about what to write. So, long story short. What follows are drafts for fics and stories. Ideas on how to build a convincingly strong character without needing all those rediculously overpowered bloodlines and abilities. Ideas on how to develop abilities and exploit them, that you might not have thought to try. Because let's face it, a creative mind can make even the simplest of abilities into a versatile master piece. All of those things, you will find here, sooner or later. So have fun, be inspired or horrified at what you read. ;p

Hatake_Shirou · Realistic Fiction
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