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The Delinquent First Miss!

The Delinquent First Miss!

Li Xiang was a 17-year-old girl who wanted to live a normal life like other girls her age. She wanted to go out with her friends to enjoy cake while they share their deepest secrets. go shopping and sing karaoke together while doing normal girly thing’s. However, there was one little problem... Her life was anything but normal Ok! Becoming a delinquent at a young age and taking over a whole school within just one day! Let's not even talk about her abnormal strength! Connections to the underground world? She practically ruled down there! And worst of all she was crowned the king of gambling at the age of only 15. She never ever lost a game. She could walk in with a penny and leave with millions! It didn't help that she had gained a strong gambling addiction. She couldn't even step out without someone calling her boss. Boss this! Boss that! She should have known her days were numbered. She ended up in a huge brawl with other delinquents while her trusted comrades got away she was the only one that got busted! Even the people who got beat up were somehow able to getaway! When she got taken away the police were able to uncover some of her bad deeds. But luckily she came from a wealthy prestigious family! Sooooo she was given two options to move to another school and lead a new clean life or do some time! Even though she was extremely unwilling of course she chooses to lead a new life hence her current situation but why did it seem fate was so... against it???!!!

llayllay · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings