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Last Light in the Universe

Last Light in the Universe

Juno Terminal had a job to do. Guard the frontier. Keep space safe for humanity. The fact that no humans had been in contact for thousands of years had no effect on Juno Terminal's programming whatsoever. Dispatch patrols. Maintain supplies. Prepare for guests. These are all tasks that do not require the presence of humans. So when a patrol returned with a living human, it should not have affected Juno Terminal in any way. And yet...

q00u · Sci-fi
Demon CEO's Mischievous Lover {HIATUS}

Demon CEO's Mischievous Lover {HIATUS}

Song Feng Ting was once know as the genius who changed the world. However, the brilliant agent's life spiraled down the gates of hell after a failed mission. When she is reincarnated into the body of a useless heiress, she is given another chance to live. Whether living once more is a blessing or curse, she is once again thrown into turbulent waters. Because this heiress is not as simple as she seems. And Feng Ting is not the only one who came back to life. Jiang Tianming has been dreaming of a young girl he never met his entire life. When her older doppelgänger falls into his arms (literally), the dormant heart suddenly begins to throb once again. What is this feeling of regaining something precious? Across two worlds and a thousand stars, the string of fate connects two lives together. And forces lurk in the dark, beginning and ending a series of tangled romances. Warning: This is a side project of mine so there's no consistent update schedule. Read at your own leisure UwU

LittleDreamFairy · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings