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"WHAT THE HELL!, WHAT THE HELL! "Jack screamed. "Jack calm down, "I said shushing him. "WHY THE HELL SHOULD I CALM DOWN THAT FR-FR-FREAKING THING JUST ATE OUR TEACHER!!," "Which is why you need to shut the fuck up, or we're gonna get caught," V said smacking him in the head. "This is all my fault," I stated. "Why would you think that," V said. "If-if only I-I hadn't bought... that thing home,...this wouldn't happen, "I said tearing up. "You think, "Luca said annoyed. "LUCA!," V exclaimed. "It's true, if it wasn't for her stupid curiosity Id be sleeping in class right now," he said. V's face turned furious. "WOW, so you wanted to sleep in class, well I had a college interview today if you didn't know!" "Good for you love, do you want a fucking cookie!" Luca said sarcastically. "Guys STOP," Jack exclaimed. Both V and Luca rolled their eyes and turned away. "Look I get it, we're all scared, I am too," "I never said I was scare-," "Luca SHUT UP IM SPEAKING!, "Jack screamed. "Alright damn," Luca said then shutting his mouth. "Look Bella, you got us into this mess, so you need to fix it, "Jack said turning to me. They all looked at me desperate to see if I knew how to stop this. "Look you guys, I'm trying to figure this out alright!"I said. "Well you better hurry quick, those monsters are about to break through the door," V said pointing to all the furniture that we had pilled up at the door. We heard the thumping sounds from our end, they were loud, really loud, no matter how much furniture we used, they were gonna breakthrough in no time soon. "Get a weapon, anything sharp that can cut threw stuff," Luca said while going around the shelf. "A weapon! "Jack exclaimed. "They're gonna break through the door, we need to fight them, "Luca said while picking up a wooden stick that was in the back wall. "Oh HELL NAWW!"Jack exclaimed. Luca rolled his eyes. "Dude, what's the problem," Luca asked annoyed. "I'm sorry, did you not see those things, they look like the titans from AOT had shifted with the demi-gorgons from Stranger Things!," Jack said terrified. "No, Luca is right," I said while picking up a bat that was on a shelf. "We need to fight them," "I agree," V said while picking up a broom and breaking it in half. Jack looked at us, and he knew that we already made our choice, so there was no stopping us. Jack sighed, a few seconds ago he was about to piss his pants, but now he must've accepted his death. He picked a half-broken long-wood that was on the floor.  "Alright you guys,...... let's go get killed," he said. We all nodded and waited quietly at the door, we were all planning on striking once they broke through it. "ok, let's do this," "The faster we get out of school, the safer we'll be," V said. Jack, V, Luca, and Bella were in the Schools basement, they thought the moment they can escape the school, things would be better, they'd be able to call for help. That they could be saved. But they were in for a big awakening.

Queen_Legend · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings