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Chase And Love

Chase And Love

All i wanted was to go to my idol's concert but can someone tell me why the plane exploded halfway? Can someone tell me how i landed in another dimension. Why am i a furnace? Why are all my pets so cute? And wait, who's this guy here? Please don't come near me, i don't wanna have dragon babies yet! dear pets why aren't you helping your master? How can you carry me to this guy's bed? Hey! Hey!

stella2138 · Historical Romance
Jolly Ghost

Jolly Ghost

Jolie is a religious first lady of Santos family, She live a quiet simple rich life and secretly fantasizing a cold romantic CEO to thrill her like what she had read in novels. But everything crashed with just one accident! what about her love life? her cold romantic CEO? and who is this pest?

Lukresya · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings