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Monochromatic Vision [Discontinued]

Lily May Rivers has always been treated differently, by family, schoolmates, everyone. Except for her brother. Just by being fully colour-blind, -which doesn't seem like a good reason to hate someone- she's been discriminated by not only her family but everyone around her. When she meets a group of new people who unexpectedly become her friends and possible lovers, her life takes a drastic turn that she would never have expected.

AlyssAnime · Teen
Not enough ratings

My Monochrome Vision

"what do you look like with colors?" A story about a girl without colors a girl who has colorblind only black and white surrounding her world. And a man who lived his life surrounded by culinary and fortune. Stunning good looks who can melt any girl he met. if these 2 people collide, what would happen to them?

kino_hana · Teen
Not enough ratings