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do you still think of me?

do you still think of me?

DISCLAIMER: This story takes place in a fictional college located in Brighton, UK including a fictional school system. I also published parts of it as "Luna -girl in the dark" but I deleted it. Welcome! My name is Maeve Sallow and I am a 19 year old sixth-from student from St. James College. My life at the private "elite" college (and Brighton in general) is quite messy and it seems like there are two versions of me in two different worlds. On the one hand we have the "student-me", the one who always tries best to receive good grades and to make my family proud (even though they're never proud). The one who writes screenplays and loves to read. And the one who gets way to close to her English literature Teacher... On the other hand we have my (even darker) side, the girl who hangs out with the "bad guys" of Brighton and got addicted to drugs a while ago. The one who has a part-time affair with a guy that is a well known fuckboy (with a girlfriend), but we can't get our hands off each other. And the one that doens't know anything about herself at all... Follow me while I try to solve each day, full of decisions and mistakes I'm good at. YOU CAN USE THE HASHTAG #dystom IF YOU WANT TO SPREAD OR DISCUSS ON OTHER PLATFORMS :) You'll probably like this story if you're a fan of: Élite, 13 Reasons Why, Pretty Little Liars, High School Musical, Dead Girl Popular, Glee, Dare Me (Netflix)...

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