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A love story where Taehyung and Jungkook are best friends from childhood. But for Tae it was always more than friendship. However Tae always loved Jungkook unconditionally not expecting anything in return. One day Jungkook proposes Taehyung just for his own mean intention and they become boyfriends. Somehow Taehyung comes to know about Jungkook's real intentions and they break up. It leaves Taehyung with a broken heart and ruined friendship. But what will happen when a new person enters kook's life and creates more distance between the two. will kook ever realise Tae's love and his mistakes? Will it break their friendship completely? Read the story to know!!! THE PLOT OF THE STORY IS INSPIRED BY AN INDIAN MOVIE "ISHQ VISHQ" BUT THE CONTENT WILL BE DIFFERENT. THIS STORY HAS LOTS OF ROMANCE AND FLUFF MOMENTS.

nikkylovesvkook · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

3 to 4.pjm.

___ "Damn, you're obviously here for getting in a fight." "Should I feel insulted?" "Hell yeah. You look like shit, babe." ___ In which Park Jimin's first interaction with the cute quiet girl from his university, is at a police station." ___ Started writing: 2/17/20 Completed writing: - Started posting: - Completed posting: - ___ WARNING: The portrayal of these characters do NOT reflect those in real life. Any similarities to real life events and people are pure coincidences. If they ever state that they are uncomfortable by these stories, they will be removed.

purple4two · Teen
Not enough ratings