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The Prince's Runaway Bride

The Prince's Runaway Bride

The pampered young miss and decorated military tactician of the Anisen household once asked, “Why do I have to be the sacrificial lamb?" The Crown Prince of Tissuria in his younger days once declared, “I will marry you when we grow up.” The trusted retainer once informed the grown Crown Prince, “The replacement bride was reluctant to take on the role.” Vaughn smirked. He knew that Zenia would likely refuse the marriage. “Should we continue monitoring the movements of the siblings, my Lord?” “Yes, that’s already a given. A prey like that is not easy to capture and keep.” The Crown Prince promised, “We will meet again soon Zenia. It’s time to put you to your rightful place.” Join Zenia and Vaughn in their crazy and funny adventures as they uncover the truth and witness how they nurture their love to stand the test of time. *********************************************** Regular updates: 1 chapter per day Thank you all for your support. I may release 2 chapters at any given day ^_^ as a treat or give you a surprise mini mass release. I am the rightful owner of the cover. *********************************************** You may buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/nanotchkalexiskyler You may also want to donate via Paypal: sarisari.biz@gmail.com Thank you all ^_^

Nanotchka · Fantasy Romance


She raised the greatest Business empire from the ground and controls half the world with her fingertips He is the CEO of one of the most established companies, passed down for generations in one of the greatest clans in history Meeting in an odd and memorable way, Their story starts off weird, right from the start. What does Fate have in store for the two most powerful individuals in history?

Adira_Cveen · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings