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Until Before After (English Ver.)

Until Before After (English Ver.)

When you were young, you were happy, very happy… Then suddenly… So, slow it disappeared, bit by bit. Your Father, Your Family Company, Your Friends, Your Memories, Your Mother…Are you sure she’s your mother? Your beloved, Is he really your beloved? Friends, Family, Beloved… You doubt and doubt… There’s almost nothing that’s left, is there really nothing left? What else do you have? Is there anything left? Do you still know her? Her that’s in the mirror, Her that’s facing you, Are you her? Or is she another? Who is she? Who are you? What you love, What he loves, What others love, Does he still love you? Did he love you? Did you love him? Do you know how to love? From Before until the Present, Searching in the Past, Up until the Future, And then…What’s next? Cover by @-K-ashiiko of Wattpad

Lerin · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings