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Rebirth Of A Male Empress

Rebirth Of A Male Empress

A modern man whom all wanted is to survive in this cruel world ended up being pitied by the world and died accidentally. But surprisingly he found himself occupaying another man's body in a different world, or should I say an ancient era. The original owner of the body got a life full of twists and turns, giving him no choice but to struggle in place of the original owner. Male Lead: Wife~ you don't need to struggle anymore, I'm here for you.. But it would be even better if you struggle beneath me calling my name. Main Character: No thanks. I can handle it on my own.. Male Lead: My wife is so cute~. No need to feel embarrass. Main Character: I'm not. Can't you see that I'm fuckin' annoyed by now? Male Lead: Even if you throw me away I'll still love you forever. Main Character: I don't believe in forever. Author: alright, you two.. Stop arguing and encourage our dear future readers~ Main Character: Hello everyone, please accompany me on my journey as I conquer the kingdom and be a legendary figure, idolized by everyone. Thank you~ Male Lead: Right....Hello once again, I'm your handsome and lovable ML. Please be a witness on our journey of love. Thank you~ Author and MC: "..." @Priceless_Precious [Updating weekly, every sunday]

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