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The Final Conflict

After a tragic accident leads to Denmark being annexed by the War of Humanity breaks out across Scandinavia. The decade-long battle corrupts the people's souls, making them nothing but living dead. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark must find the key to the "Door of Darkness" to close it before the ultimate corruption of the human soul. Denmark was always heaven on Earth. The civilians loved Hamlet as their own family. But he is now mistaken as dead in society. A dark conspiracist dethroned him. Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway wants to fulfill his Satanic lust by opening the door of darkness by offering the soul of Hamlet to the dark force. He wants to create a "Master and Slave relationship" between the King and the civilians. Hamlet could do nothing like the words ringing in his ears again and again, "You are fragile, helpless, who cannot save his family? How will you take care of your Kingdom?" It is impossible to remove corruption rooted in the soul. If Hamlet fails, then his soul will turn into a dark force. He must put his life to bait overcome his guilt to find the door before opening.

Athela_Perk · History
Not enough ratings

The Daughter Of The Moon | Half-Blood Series #1

Luna Sombria is no ordinary girl because Luna Sombria is the daughter of the moon. When the Dark Forces came after them, the half-bloods were no longer safe, even in Ezoterica where is it believed to be the only safe place for them. Beware, for all you know, there might be a traitor on their midst.

masterianna · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings