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The Mutant Rebellions (Paused for now)

The Mutant Rebellions (Paused for now)

In the year 2006, a crystal is found in ancient Egypt. The crystal contains enormous amounts of 'magical' energy and when it is moved to a museum in America it is dropped. When it hits the floor, the raw energy explodes taking half of New York city with it. Following the explosion, children started showing signs of acute mutations in their DNA and as time went on, the mutations became more and more prevalent Our story starts with a 18 year old Mutant in the year 2060 by this point the mutations have changed the human and a sub-species was lovingly dubbed Mutants. The Mutants are treated poorly by the Human race and can often only find work in the army or as a mercenary. Michael, known as the mercenary 'Zero' is the 'hero' of our tale and he has a bone to pick with the humans...

ConsumingFlame · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings