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They called me FIVE

My name? Lance Augustus Age? 15 Nickname? Five. Why they call me that? Because the mark tells us so. _________________________________ I'm a bad luck delinquent slash highschool student who don't know how to fight. I go to school. Thugs beat me up. I go home to my grandpa. Looking barely human from bruises and cuts. Us, alone are all I need to get by. My life was ordinary. Everything was perfectly fine, perfectly normal, just an everyday routine I get used to live. But then these guys came... And they start making a mess out of my life. They said I have powers. - Who believed that crap? They said I have extraordinary abilities. - Cool! I want to be Superman. They said I was chosen. - Who? The god of thugs? The mark of five imprinted deep into my skin proves that I am one of the TWELVE. - You guys sure it's not a tattoo? I firmly believe it's a tattoo. I never believe them. I drove them out. I did not listen. I wish I did. Maybe they could have helped my gramps. Maybe they could have save him when "they" attacked. I know nothing. Because of my stubbornness I lost everything. So now I'm all alone. But she stretched her hand to me. She gave me hope. She invited me to come. And I did. So our search began. For the remaining TEN. ___________________________________ This is my second book I made for Webnovel Spirity Awards on Supernatural category. I will update daily. You can support this book by leaving votes and adding it to your library! But more than anything I want you to enjoy this story. Give it a go and have fun! You can check my other book: "The matchmaker who can see the red string of fate." It's not in my profile but you can search it on site. Thaank yoouu!!!

phoenixhyperion · Magical Realism

.... this book is now gone. not goin to be back on anymore.

Lisa_Wong_0328 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings