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Chosen Chronicles: Witches, Faeries, Demons! Oh My!

Chosen Chronicles; Book One—Book Five. • • • • • • • • • The Anima Luna is coming fast, and for a certain witch, her soon-to-be chosen mates are on their way to claim what's theirs. Can the Chosen be allowed to choose, or is she damned to a life of the Wicken? Only the tomb of the witch knows... • • • • • • • • • "My tattoo?" I say abruptly. Scrunching my eyebrows, I turn to Theros. He saw the tattoo first, and seemed to recognize the meaning. "What does my birthmark have to do with us?" My hands gesture from me to them, confused out of my mind. Thesis suddenly leans forwards, his hand snatching my neck right where the mark lingered. "Ya 'ave the mark of the woof right un yur juggular." Theros mentions as Thesis' thumb traces over the embedded ink. My attention wavers to Theros. "An' ta symbol is ta mark of triads en er world," Thesis smiles, brushing a few strands of hair from the birthmark. I watch his eyes soften when he distinguishes the rest of the tattoo. Theros' hands engulfs mine, "Which means ya belong ta us, both." ..... Next story is to be written! Stay Tuned. × 18+ × Mature Content × Completed 1/5

McKenzieJ17 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My soulmate is not my chosen mate

[Mature content] Lenea is the daughter of the Beta and want to explore the world and go to New York to study music, but knows its a dream that she cant fulfill. She has a duty to her pack and family. She doesn't want a mate who are chosen for her. She want to get the choice herself. To choose herself. But what happens if she follows her heart instead of her forced choice. If she chooses her own mate and not the one chosen for her.

Katarina_Stories · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings