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Hiro's Predicament (A choice-based novel)

Enjoy this story-driven tale as you take part in Hiro's perspective based on the personality of your own choosing. Yes, it's up to you reader to decide most of his story and the consequences that's included in his actions. Whether it's for the better or worse, that's entirely up to you. Hiro Nakamura arrives at Rurasa, a rural town filled with mysteries and intrigue. At the behest of his late mother, he was taken in by the Amakusa family, longtime friends of the Nakamuras. Join him in his tale as he unravels mysteries, get along (or not) with his schoolmates, forged friendships or rivalries, and pursue romantic relationships with your favored love interest (Male or Female).

Innocence2k · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

There's Nothing Here

There is nothing here as said. There will be nothing more than blankness. there is some minor things such as abuse and negative emotions but by the end all is well since that is all it is. it is that way because there is nothing so negative emotions are natural. and the amount of blankness here is abuse. you are just wasting time reading nothing and everything. mostly nothing since nothing is something and something is everything. point is absolutely nothing to read exists so it's a waste of time and eyes.

Victoria_Valentine · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings