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A Serenade to the sunrise

In a cold mountain in Harbin City, two tribes of mythical creatures named Luel and Kael live. There has been a long-standing enmity between them for years. The rulers of the two tribes decide to establish peace among the tribes by forcing a marriage between the eldest heirs of the two tribes - Princess Fang An Ning and Prince Tong Yong Han, but the two hatred for each other leads to a series of unpleasant and bitter events. On the other hand, An Ning's love for a human being and the forbidden love of his sister An Liang put bittersweet adventures in the path of both of them. Eventually, An Ning finds herself at a crossroad: What will be her choice? Will she stand beside her family or betray her people with a human?

MaryLu521 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings