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My System Wants to Kill Me

Me and my big mouth! Li Xue cursed her fate of being transmigrated into a cannon fodder who abused the young protagonist to the point of blackening, the low IQ villainess Zhu Suran! Unlike other transmigration stories, her System is a no-good fool that tasked her with courting death! Mind you, Tiandao's darling, Leng Shuang made her into a human swine, a human swine! System: [Task failure will have Host be sent to the 18th level of Purgatory for 10,000 years. Later, Host will be sent back to complete the task again.] Ten thousands colourful swears exploded in her heart and made her puke up blood. System, do you want to kill me?!

Paper_ink ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings