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I’ll Never Let You Go

I’ll Never Let You Go

Gemma Liu is thick skinned, out going, and most importantly, she knows what she wants. She is the personal assistant for Charles Wen of Wen Technology. He also happens to be what she wants. The problem with that, however, is that Charles is immune to the charms of women—including her. He is cold, harsh, impatient, and people often leave his office in tears. That doesn’t deter Gemma in the least. She’s declared war on his heart of stone. Then one day, a tragic accident leaves Charles Wen disfigured and in need of long term and in-depth care. Gemma is ready to stay by his side and care for him but Charles is anything but happy about it. Unfortunately for him, his family thinks she’s perfect to be his caregiver...She’s the only woman not afraid to look upon him. His grandfather decides that Gemma must be the daughter-in-law of the Wen family. Charles says he will marry no one, because what woman would love a monster? Will he let down his guard long enough to give Gemma a chance?

PearBlossom · Contemporary Romance
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