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My Secretary Is A Spy?!

My Secretary Is A Spy?!

Xiao Fang Wilson is 28-year-old, full of dreams and aspirations. But her life is surrounded by one thing: jewelry-design. Her mother also being a attribute to the same hobby. Her mother, Bijou Ling, murder two years ago after making a trip to company called SB. Her father, Stewart Wilson, corrupted by the terrible news, sends spies into the large company. Without any success, they return with nothing but only horrifying stories of the boss and its pompous sons. Full of regret, her father is filled with despair of getting revenge. Xiao Fang only feels the resentment for her father due to the fact that she doesn't want to give up so she moves back to her mother’s homeland and studies jewelry design. After 4 years of studying jewelry design, she is contracted by a company called SB. So Beautiful. Will she get her revenge of the death of her mother? Or will she fall in love with the handsome boss' son along the way?

Diana_Author · Contemporary Romance
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