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Aina Ragna

Aina Ragna

Have you ever wondered if there is another world like Earth? Well, there is... And Aina lives there. Prima is her home, but that home of hers drove her kind to extinction because of fear created by the man who led an army of Chimeras. Aina, the remaining Hybrid, has kept her identity away from the world. Having to be protected from the world, and her memories have kept her safe... But what if they can no longer protect her from who she really is. To protect her from the beast that lives within her as it wants to be freed and strive. And the man himself who was feared and banish that desires Aina to be beside him, has now come back to finish what he started. Throughout this little girl's journey, she will not only train her powers to beat the man who desires her, but she will also learn the truth of her past and remember her feelings behind it. Will she be able to take it all in? Or would she fall in the deep pit that everyone feared she might?

AR_OVO · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings