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Lost Princess of War

I am now what you call a leader. But it was never easy to get here. My whole life seemingly has had tragedy follow me, along with a troubled youth. Only recently had I learned the truth about this cruel world. But I want to change that. With the help of those around me we will work beside one another to bring out a better tomorrow. The man I for some time only knew as C helps me learn that not everything is as perfect as it comes off to be. Now alongside those who I call family we fight together to better the future of this wretched place. My name is Cyra and I am the lost princess of this war. For years war raged on through the lands, el doro destroying anything in its wake so they could get complete power of the 12 sanctions that had once ruled in harmony together. Millions lost there lives and soon the battles were lost. Thousands of families separated and began running away and hiding below ground, those who could escape at least. The world had become a solemn place. Children would sleep hearing shots ring out. A life we didn't want for our future. So a new generation of young individuals began going against the laws put in place for them, the fate of the world rested in there hands, and for once the people had something to believe in.

silver_shadow_8348 ยท Sci-fi Romance
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