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The Magic Mercenary

After being reborn on a new planet and in a new universe, Jalim was excited. In his previous universe, he was a military officer who had to work for the government from the moment he was discovered to be an Esper until that final mission that took away his life. Now known as Nathan, he was born into a small commoner family with no expectations or responsibilities placed on him besides finding a good bride. This was not like his previous world which had technology that dwarfed the carriages and most magic items in his current world. The only things that seemed somewhat impressive, technology-wise, were their golems. He had seen various species and traveled between stars, fighting in wars that spanned entire systems or even into multiple systems. But all he was no longer interested in military life or taking on responsibilities for the sake of his family. He did know exactly what a magic knight, golem rider, or mage was but he did not really care. Because in this life, he would do what he wanted and fulfill his desires. ---------------- "The cities of gold we were promised, were not going to be there. They never were. We both know it. We may have been in denial about it but we knew. We were never meant for the military. Being Espers made us cool and kept our emotions from getting in the way of our actions but we are the types who hate having no power or freedom.  We are birds of the same feather in that regard. The military kept us in a cage. We have traveled to different stars but have never truly flown. So come with me. Let us create our own sky where we can fly as high as we wish. Let's fly towards the sun and beyond." She held out her hand. He knew what she wanted but he hesitated. Not because he was afraid of failure or denying her words. Every word she said echoed with his very soul. He hesitated because he knew that once he took her hand, he could never go back on his decision. Nathan's eyes went to Stella's face and she was smiling brightly, the biggest smile he had ever seen on her face. He was curious as to why. Then he looked down at her hand. Without even noticing it, he had already taken hold of her hand and silently agreed. He let out a self-deprecating smile at his body. He had thought that being an Esper and inside the military for 30 years,  he would have his emotions under control and would never act recklessly again but it seems that even death and enslavement could not hold down the wild spirit inside of him. He looked into Stella's silver eyes and agreed without any further hesitation. "Fine. What's the name of the group?"

BoredAsura · Fantasy
Not enough ratings