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The Cherry Piece

Once upon a time, or once in a century, or more like once, there was an ancient time. Were people born from eggs then? No, they were not. No one comes into this World through egg expect for chicks. Do the chicks grow to a human? No, they grow to a rooster, hen, chicken, cock or just die before growing. Do they become human after dying? The thing is after death, they just die. No going to heaven or hell. They are just for eating and after eating, they do become poop and go inside the toilet. But this story has the opposite. That is when Niko Hamada, found a Red coloured egg rolling down the street. Nope, it's not a Humpty Dumpty story. Rather, it's something interesting. A red egg rolling by, a white chick with red cherry-like eyes inside, made him eventually name her Cherry? No, he called it chick. But under some unexpected events, he had to name 'her'. "You are Cherry from now on." "Yes!" And after quite a while, Cherry became his 'Cherry Piece' "You are my Cherry Piece." "So?" "Just stay on top of me, so that I could see nothing else but you..." Cherry, at last, becomes Cherry Hamada, perhaps?

Mishchan_ ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings