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Wild West Of The Hearts

Wild West Of The Hearts

An intertwined collection of sweet love stories. Two genders, two hearts, two souls, and two different bodies. One encaged by fate and one by status. Is there any chance of love between them??????? Jennifer born with a silver spoon wasn't as lucky as her siblings. Having a weak body since early childhood leads her to be caged inside her house making her lose complete connection to the outside world. However, due to some incidents she encounters Ezra, who was in a similar type of situation but only that – He was Allowed to go Out????. A story which entangles many love stories, uncovers many hidden secrets and miracles which binds the fated ones. What is this Situation? Is this fate? Is it a destined encounter? The story is accompanied by multiple love stories of the characters within the novel. Fighting... ******** This is a slow burn book therefore it will not be rushed. There are several characters development and it will be displayed slowly. ********

Sensen_Imsong · Contemporary Romance
Forbidden Love: I fall in love with my Butler!

Forbidden Love: I fall in love with my Butler!

She couldn't confess her love because of her past... He couldn't confess his love because of his mysterious background... Both loved others to the state where they satisfied With Unrequited love. But Destiny gave them a chance to tear their mask and show their true selves to their loved ones. What if the Butler is the heir of the world's richest family! The Ruthless, cold, Proud, 'Ice-Queen' Rayland corporation' heir Evelyn is a lonely girl lost everyone she loved and backstabbed by the people she trusted and have a big trust issue! Will Eve trust Zane's love for her? What is Zane hiding from Eve? _____________________________________________ Hey guys! This story is a passionate love between beautiful Lady Boss and Mysterious Male lead( at present her Butler), the female protagonist, powerful Main lead, charming male lead with a mysterious background. This story also has innocent & kind supporting characters, and a heartwarming love story with a little thriller.

Jennifer_Roxy · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings