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God Slaying System

Issac was known to be one of the strongest players of Blue Sky City. During the initial stages of the start of The Heavenly Domain, he had already gained a lot of power and was going to become even stronger then the guild leader. But, he was betrayed by the guild leader as he feared he would be more powerful then himself and was killed until he got back to level 0. Heck, they even stripped him of his 'Sword of Heroes' that he got from completing the Diamond Ranked quest and took it away. After all that, he was banished from the guild left with nothing. Now, he could not even compete for being strong as he was. That was the time he found the God Slayer Temple. After this encounter, he was no longer the same as before. *** The main point is that I got the inspiration to write this novel by reading the novel “Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God”. So, you may find some minor similarities but, well the story is completely different and the ideas are mine. So, enjoy reading my novel. *** Instagram: @ritsav7 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47872874

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