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Elemon. creatures with lower intellect, but possess elemental power far superior to any beings of the world. Alas can only become a cultivation tool for other beings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that the following synopsis is entirely made out of *SPOILERS* as these are dialogues that will happen in the novel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " I don't care what anyone thinks anymore." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Time to pay for your sins!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! WHY IS IT YOU? WHY MUST IT END LIKE THIS? WHY DID YOU FORCE ME TO KILL YOU?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " I'm sorry. But were people from different worlds. If there's a next life, I hope we can be together." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " Even if I die today. I will. BRING. YOU. DOWN. WITH. ME!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My little friend, I'm sorry. I have caused you a lot of suffering. But you won't have to be restricted by me anymore. Goodbye." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " I'm *sob*sob*. I'm your *sob* *cough*. *breathe* I'm you're ..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Elemantalist_Z · Fantasy
Not enough ratings