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A highlight in the Brazilian literary scenery, the romance that achieved for several times the best seller's ranking in 2015 brings the author's vision about a fictitious world full of chauvinism, racism and corruption. However, in the middle of all the chaos and hate emerges a love story. Three kingdoms. Three nations. A woman, uniting them all... Emerald of Cashel was an unclean. Born out of rape, she was a white woman in a land of dark skinned people. All she wanted was to find the damned man who had destroyed her mother... Even if, in order to accomplish that, she would have to crush the lonely heart of a bitter King. Cedric of Bran watched his days slipping through his fingers behind a mask that hid his deformed face. He had lost faith in love, but when a woman with red hair and emerald green eyes arrives in his Kingdom, he cannot escape from the magic that seems to emanate from her.

Josiane_Veiga · Historical Romance
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