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When the ground split apart and a terrible roar filled the sky, Roy Miller thought ferrying his kid sister off to safety would be the last thing he did before an Earth in the early stages of the apocalypse swallowed him up. If such was his fate, he’d have been lucky. No, the tremors ceased. The roof of dirt and shale vanished with a blink of his eyes. Night became day. Not a cloud threatened to soak him further than the torrent of rain he suffered mere moments ago. Ahead spanned a green meadow dotted with alien wildflowers, while the forest his family was camping in, or at least part of it, stood behind. To his credit, he managed to reach the dry side before he fell to his butt on boneless legs. He’d stay that way, too, mindlessly glancing at the cleanly cut seam between the fragment of this unknown land and his own were it not for the message that appeared on his phone. {You’ve been invited to [Goddess Lumera]’s chat group!} With the guidance of a benevolent deity, super soldiers, cultivators, swordsmen, beastkin, and Roy must unite under a single banner to resist the machinations of beings that would shape stolen pieces of disparate worlds in their own image.

Maromar · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings