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Chat Group For Magicians

Chat Group For Magicians

After an incident from his past school, he was forced to transfer from Hokkaido to Tokyo. The timing was just right because his parents died from an incident a few weeks ago and he inherited what was left by his parents. When he was inspecting the things left by his parents, he was greeted by a mobile phone with a chat group he didn't know of. After succumbing to curiosity, he was introduced to the hidden world that hides in plain sight to protect the humans from lurking danger. And he was recruited to become one, the one they call "MAGICIANS" -------------------------------------- This is under revision and the novel won't be connecting to the first chapters to the present at the moment. So unless the revised chapter is present on the author's note, that chapter is not yet revised.

Kyosei · Fantasy
The Boy in the All-Girls' Chat Group

The Boy in the All-Girls' Chat Group

On a certain normal day, Genos suddenly received a message telling him that he became an Admin of an All-Girls' Chat Group. He thought that it was just a normal one but when things start to get strange, the group chat he was pulled in may not be normal after all. With things already this far, should he stop or should he continue? Where would this lead him? *** Writing Prompts Contest #76: Chatgroup - Winner Rank 1!! Just a fluke but I will try my best to make it worth your time. Release Rate: Once a Day/Saturday Two Chapters/Sunday no chapter Chapter Length: 1000~1500 Note: English is not my first language and I am very bad with grammar especially the tenses and making dialogues. So if there are any problems, please remember to leave a review or comment down your suggestion or advice. Please support me on my patreon: www.patreon.com/tiany

LazyTiany · Magical Realism
I am owner of discord server

I am owner of discord server

I created server for fun and I swear I didn't share invite link but where the hell does this iron Man join and he claimed he owner of stark company so I tell send me nitro and Bost this server full and what! He Bost server to level 3 and give one year nitro and 2 million dollars.

Shea_Oliver · Fantasy
Not enough ratings