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A Second Chance At Love

A Second Chance At Love

Shirley was in a dilemma, she has two options, first, to trust her gut feelings or second, to wait it out. Her instincts have never betrayed her but if she followed them this time, she was sure of her defeat. She can’t live in doubt. That is not how she lives her life. She gives her all or nothing. She has given her everything to this relationship. She has turned her back on rumors. And now, all of it has come to this point. It's now or never, she has never regretted a single thing in her life and she sure not was starting with this. So she took a deep breath and took the plunge. Aaron was drowning in a sea of despair. He had declared her guilty in his own warped sense of justice by jumping to the conclusion. What he had thought of her betrayal turned out to be his misunderstanding. But what could be done now? She was gone, left without a trace. How could he ever ask for forgiveness, nonetheless, a second chance when she is not here? Even if she was here does he deserve her forgiveness? In the end, it was he who had abandoned her without giving it a second thought. What will happen when destiny gives him a second chance? Will he be able to grasp it with both hands or let it slip like sand between his clenched fists? Or there will be someone else who would whisk her away?

stanakatic · Contemporary Romance
The Demon in a Beauty

The Demon in a Beauty

Sid ZouMing, a pretty, sweet, charming girl who withholds the title of 'Fearsome beauty', changing to a demoness. ZouMi full of intelligent, sharpness, beauty with a tragic past and a single aim REVENGE, from everyone. Secret identities, untold truth, unfold mysteries, and what not. Ruling the world along side her three brothers with unimaginable union and abilities. While Gu Huan, a famous actor, musician with many hidden talents and secretes with in him. What will happen when these too pole apart personality falls in love. 'The journey of life isn't that easy as it seems.' -On whole, story involves six couples, including the main. -Don't know the copyright holder of the cover, if said it will be removed. -Update: Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Discord: qunin_e#2529 Ig- @Qunin_e #romance #love #femaleprotagonist #mysteries #friendship #revenge

qunin_e · Sci-fi Romance